Gilles and Jean are the sons of Jehan Gautreau le jeune and of Marie Rouer of La Flotte-en-Ré. Both children were baptized in the Church of Sainte-Catherine in La Flotte, Gilles in 1644 and John in 1649. They both spent their youth on l’Île-Blanche, close to Larochelle, their port of departure for the new world.

Jean Gautreau settled in what was to become Canada in 1667. Nicolas LeRoy, his future father in law, hired him as a laborer. In 1673 and 1674, Jean purchases two lots at the Pointe-aux-foins on l’ïle d’Orléan, lots that he will abandon to finally settle in 1675 at Cap-Saint-Ignace in the Seigneurie de Vincelot from witch he becomes the fifth concession owner and a neighbor to Jacques Bernier and Pierre Richard. On July the 31st, 1679, he marries Marie LeRoy, daughter of Nicolas and Jeanne LeLièvre, from La Durantaye on the South shore, near Québec City. Three children will be born: Charles, Jean-Baptiste and a girl, Marie-Anne, who will die very young. Jean Gaudreau dies in his thirties, in the winter of 1684-85. Marie LeRoy will remarry to Jean Fournier. We have an interesting inventory of Jean Gaudreau’s belongings, established in 1701.

1681 census
In the Seignerie of Vincelotte, Jean is declared as being 27 years old when in fact he is 32 and owning a gun and six acres of land.

On the 25th of June 1701, Marie LeRoy had an inventory made of Jean’s belongings drawn up in the presence of his brother Gilles Gautreau. The document describes his house and its dependences, list of heard, and different objects. Jean was also a shoemaker and had four tools of that trade and about 50 pairs of shoes.

Children of Jean (Jehan) Gaudreau et Marie LeRoy

Charles (1681-1756)
He married Madeleine Thibault in Cap-Saint-Ignace on October 13, 1710. Thirteen children were born from this union: François, Joseph, Jean-Baptiste, Augustin, Marie- Geneviève, Charles, Madeleine, Germain, Marie-Reine, Ignace plus three died at birth. Charles is the first Gaudreau to settle in Montmagny, near Rocher de la Chapelle.

He was given land by his father in-law Jean Fournier in exchange for his property in Cap-Saint-Ignace. On October 5, 1745 Charles and his wife donated their possessions to their eight children in attendance.  Charles died March 7, 1756 he was seventy-five years old. His wife Madeleine Thibeault died approximately twenty years later.

Jean-Baptiste (1682-1722)
Jean-Baptiste, the second son of Jean Gaudreau, was first married to Geneviève Bernier, daughter of Pierre and of Françoise Boulay, October 13, 1710. Three sons are born to this couple: Jean-Baptiste, Augustin and Joseph and all will marry. Geneviève Bernier died at the young age of twenty-five.  Jean-Baptiste married a second time to the widow of Louis Guimont, Marie-Françoise Richard, daughter of Pierre Richard and Françoise Miville.  Four additional children were born: François, Marie- Geneviève and Marie-Marthe. These three children join Jean-Baptiste’s first three boys and the two children born from his first marriage to the widow Richard, Louis et Charles-Gabriel Guimont. 

Jean-Baptiste settled on a five acre property that he acquired on the Seigneurie de Vincelot. He had already inherited half of that property from his father’s estate.

 Jean-Baptiste died when he as thirty-nine years old. His widow remarried to Thomas Caouette, son of Pierre et Anne Gaudreau in 1723.


Children of Jean Fournier and Marie LeRoy

Françoise (1688-1692)
Died at the age of three in Cap-Saint-Ignace.

Nicolas (1690- ? )
Married Barbe Thibault in 1714 and Geneviève Langlois in 1719.

Jean (1692- ? )
Married Françoise Dumas in 1718.

Marie (1694- ? )
Married Jean Richard in 1749.

Ambroise (1696 – ? )
Married Geneviève Guillet in 1729 and Geneviève Gamache in 1734.

Cécile (1698 – ? ) 
Married Louis Thibault.

Marie-Anne (1700- ? )
Married Jean-Baptiste Durant in 1726. 

Joseph (1702- ? )
Married Marguerite Langlois in 1731 and Madeleine Ayot in 1764.

Augustin (1704- ? )
Married Élisabeth Gravel in 1727 and Françoise Bélanger in 1735.

Charles (1708- ? )
Married Louise Gravel in 1734.