Gilles and Jean are sons of Jehan Gautreau le jeune and of Marie Rouer of La Flotte-en-Ré. Both children were baptized in the Church of Sainte-Catherine in Flotte. , Gilles in 1644 and John in 1649. They both spent their youth on Île-Blanche, close to Larochelle, their port of departure for the new world.


On march the 31st 1665,Gilles Gaudreau signs a job contract in front of Teuleron Notary in La Rochelle, France. On april 25th, he boards a ship called the Cat of Holland, on route for the new world. He arrives at Quebec on june the 18th, 1665. He immediately starts working for Jacques Bernier dit Jean de Paris, for the length of his three year contract. At first, Gilles Gaudreau takes root on Île d’Orléan. This is where he will mary Anne de la Vieville dite Pineau, on October the 15th 1671. Three children will be born on Île d’Orléan. They are Anne, Gilles-Gabriel and Marguerite. On april the 9th 1675, Gilles becomes owner of two concessions on the south side of the island, one from the sisters Hospitalières and the other from the sisters Ursulines of Quebec. In 1678, Gilles Gaudreau decides to move to Cap-Saint-Ignace where he will join his brother Jean and his former employer Jacques Bernier. On October the 14th, he obtains from the Seigneuresse of Vincolot, a piece of land in a cove witch now bears his name, “Anse-à-Gilles”. Michel, Jeanne and Jacques will be born there. After his wife’s death, Gilles Gaudreau will remarry with Catherine Renusson, widow of Augustin Alonze. Gilles Gaudreau dies at the age of 82 at Cap-Saint-Ignace.

Children of Gilles Gautreau and Anne de la Vieville 

Enfants de Gilles Gautreau et de Anne de la Vieville

Anne (1672-1749)

On July 27, 1693 in Cap-Saint-Ignace, Anne marries Pierre Caouette, ancestor of the Caouette’s d’Amérique, an immigrant from Landerneau in France. They will later inherit the farm from Gilles Gaudreau.

Gilles-Gabriel  (1674-1719)

Gilles is the only son to have children to perpetuate his father’s family name. He marries Éllisabeth Domingo pronounced Carabis on October 18, 1700 in Québec. He settles in the seigneurie de Bonsecours à L’Islet. Ten children are born in this family: Joseph, Jacques- Michel, Geneviève, Ignace, Jacques, Noël, Marguerite, Gabriel, François-Xavier and Jean-Michel. Four of his son will marry; Joseph settles in Québec and later in Montréal, Ignace in Montréal, Jacques at l’Île-aux-Coudres and Gabriel in Montréal. 

Marguerite (1677-1710)

 Marries in 1699 to Jacques Marchand, an immigrant from l’Île de Ré.

Michel  (1679-1699)

Dies at 25 and is buried in Cap-Saint-Ignace.

Jeanne (1681- ? )

Marries François Boucher in Cap-Saint-Ignace in 1701. 

Jacques (1685-1699)

Dies at 11 in Cap-Saint-Ignace.