The old French shield is decorated on each side with pine branches loaded with cones.

On the ends of the crossed branches is the motto ”With Valiant Heart”.

The shape and the colors of the coat of arms evoke Poitou and Aunis in France, fatherland of original Gautreau families of America.

The three pines that underline at the same time the name of Gaud, wood, small forest, and numbers of founding : the Acadian family of François, the Canadian family of Gilles and Jean, his brother, and the families of adopted sons. Lastly, the motto ”With Valiant Heart” pays homage to the quality recognized in our fathers.

Nota Bene :

The Association of Gautreau Families adopted the Coat of Arms on April 28, 1985, in Sainte-Foy, at the time of the annual meeting. Copyright from the Ministry for the Consumer and the Corporate Affairs of Canada No 345749, on August 28, 1985.