The Motto

The Association of the families Gautreau Inc adopted the motto “With Valiant Heart! “as of its foundation on April 28, 1985. “Valiancy” is one of the virtues of our ancestors. 

One recognized on their premises, to the XVI e  and the XVII  century, two particular qualities: the force and valiancy. These same ancestors find themselves with the number of the seventeen pioneers of Cape-Saint-Ignace, that one calls “the valiant ones”. 

It went from oneself, that one to emphasize the valiancy of our fathers in our currency. It was Jeanne-in Arc which proposed to the Jacques father to take the first member of the known proverbial phrase “With a Valiant Heart.. . ” Nothing Impossible “to make our rallying cry of it.

This motto means that with courage, conviction, one comes to end from all. Our motto has been reproduced on the listel in the bottom of the blazon of the Association of the Gautreau families for this day.