Objectives and Goals of the Association

It’s a pleasure to serve you on Gautreau web site. We hope that the improvements to the site will enable you to have easier access to the topics that interest you the most.

However our objectives remain the same :
· To identify catalogue and provide information to the descendants of our ancestors François, Gilles and Jean Gautreau, Louis and all those which bear this name or one of its derivatives; 
· To complete the genealogy of the descendants; 
· To carry out research on the history of the families; 
· To print, publish, distribute, reviews, newspapers, periodicals and publications for information purposes; 
· To host and promote recreational activities; 
· To organize special events to mark major milestones of our Association; 
· To publicize the Gautreau family name, its origin and history in New_France; 
· To facilitate the exchange of information and documents between our members;
· To facilitate communication with the Association and its leaders;
· To highlight famous members of our great family;
· To make know the personal pages of our cousins;
· To provide a web page for pictures and souvenirs of our activities and events;
· To get to our members support and to councils in their genealogical research;
· To promote our activities, our achievements;
· To publicize the talents and the remarkable achievements of Gautreau’s in all areas of activity. 
These objectives make it possible to establish and maintain direct contact with Gautreau’s , but also with all those who chose to visit our web page. 

To communicate with us:

Louis-Philippe Gaudreault

Thank you for your visit !