History of Our Association

1st Special Annual Meeting – April 28, 1985

Twenty Gautreau’s were present at this founding meeting. In attendance Father Gérard Gautreau, of the Acadian family of François.
Mrs Jeanne d’Arc Gaudreault, her brother Jean-Joseph Gaudreault and his nephew Martin Gaudreault, Mr. Paul Gaudreault and his wife Angèle Lavoie, Mrs Liliane Gaudreault and Mrs. Pierrette Gaudreault, of the Gautreau family of Gilles;
Ltcol. Jean-Yves Godreau, Mr. Joseph Gaudreau and his wife Francoise Normand, their son René Gaudreau, Mr. Marc Gaudreau and his wife Cécilia Côté, Mr. Wilfrid Gaudreau and his daughter Mrs Genevieve Gaudreau, Mr. Robert Gaudreau and his daughter Chantale Gaudreau, Father Antoine Gaudreau and Father Jacques Gaudreau, of the Gautreau family of Jean.
Four members absent: Captain Charles-Édouard, Mr. Richard Gaudreau, Lawyer,  Mr. Fernand Goudreau and Mr. Jean-Luc Gaudreau, also of the family of Jean.
Some members of the family of Louis Chavaudreuille pronounced Godreau will join the group at the October meeting.

The First Board

It was unanimously resolved to constitute a first Board to obtain our Letters patent from the Government of Québec. Members appointed to the first Board are: Joseph Gaudreau, Jean-Yves Godreau, Marc Gaudreau, Gérard Gautreau, Jacques Gaudreau, Robert Gaudreau, Francoise Norman Gaudreau and Cécilia Côté Gaudreau.

The Association’s Name

The Board chose “Association of the Gautreau Families” as its name.  The name of Gautreau refers to the oldest mention of the name known in Poitou, France, on December  8, 1345: Guillaume Gautreau says Coïndé de Ouzilly, in the North of Poitiers. 

The Association’s Coat of Arms

The crest was adopted with “three gold pine cones”, and with the motto “With Valiant Heart”.

Others topics

Decisions were taken in regard to annual membership fee, recruitment methods and other topics.

Letters patent

The Letters patent of the Association were delivered on July 30, 1985 by the Inspector General of the financial institutions, Jean-Marie Bouchard, under the authority of part III of the Law on companies, constituting the applicants in corporation under the name ASSOCIATION OF GAUTREAU FAMILIES INC. These letters were registered on July 30, 1985 with the libro C-1191, folio 35. The registered office of our corporation is located at the Casault Pavillion, Cité Universitaire, Sainte-Foy, QC.

2nd assembled – October 14, 1985

Seventy-five people took part in the second planning meeting of our Association. 

The three founding families were represented: the family of François, the family of Gilles and Jean, and the family of Louis.

Letters patents and By-Laws

The assembly received the Letters patent and the administrative policies were unanimously adopted.