Genealogy Committee Gautreau (Cogeco)

The main objects of Gautreau Family Association are among others:

Group the descendants of ancestors François, Gilles and Jean and Louis and all who bear the name of Gautreau or one of its variants.
Place the complete genealogy of descendants.
Conduct research on family history.
Print, edit, publish, distribute magazines, newspapers, periodicals and more generally, all publications for purposes of relevant information.
Certainly, we inherited many genealogical research works since Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Yves Godreau or both publications of Joseph Gaudreau and his wife Françoise and five genealogical dictionaries Yves Gaudreau of Montreal, not to mention Pauline Gaudreau Proulx of Montreal that left us a lot of information. Here we have good working tools. There is also the databases of each of the strains on the Brother’s Keeper software. And yet we fail to meet the demands of a family that is still growing.

It is people frustrated of not finding their names in our dictionaries and marriage registers. Others fail to make their own genealogy by visiting our books. Finally, we ourselves are sometimes disappointed not to meet the legitimate demands of descendants of our families. And why?

– First, we must know that our work and our publications are a few years already.

– Second, there is a Charter of Human Rights in Canada and Quebec, which restricts the right to information in respect of the identity of the person. Which is to say that we have no access to civil acts records (births / baptisms, marriages and burials) the last hundred years. We must therefore refer and rely upon the information that we provide those interested on themselves and their families, to complement their genealogy. We try mostly to make the link between your grandparents or great-grandparents and one of their ancestors there are over a hundred years.

– Third, we sometimes still unable to find the ancestors of one or the other. And this for several reasons. One of them is the fact that in the English records, we do not necessarily mention the names of the parents of the spouses. For another reason, it may be that it ignores the name of the spouse’s parents born outside marriage.

For these reasons and many others, we must establish a network of researchers across …

We must continue the work! Would it not instead of having a central computerized database?

The Committee Genealogy Gautreau will create, complement a central file of Gautreau, a genealogical database. Its purpose is to gather information on Gautreau. Email is the preferred means of communication of information in a form to be determined.

For people who wish to register their data in a software Brother’s Keeper software is free at the following address:

There is also the Genealogical Society of Eastern Townships who tutorials and videos for installing and using the software:

For this database becomes, as comprehensive as possible, we ask for your cooperation. If you have additional information on GAUTREAU, please let us know.

To do this, you can complete the “Family Gotro map” and return it by email or by post.