Floral Emblem

The Hollyhock

L’Île de Ré, island of white homes and green shutters, hollyhock, fishing, salt and vines.
L’Île de Ré, island and continent by the grace of the gods and men.
Nicole Vray
Now would be a good time to talk about our floral emblem…  
Everywhere on this island of our ancestors the hollyhock is visible.The Gautreau’s of America now have their floral emblem : the hollyhock. Easily propagated, this flower seed itself annually and comes in many colors. Hardy, it blooms from June to October. It is also beautiful as a cut flower or critalized.
This spring let us find a spot in our garden for some hollyhock and when we tour we will see that the Gautreau’s  will be identified by their emblem.

Jeanine Gaudreau